January Suspension Specials

This marks 22 years of being in business full time running HDR.
I dropped our suspension service/rebuild price down to the 1997 cost(70.00 Labor). Lasts thru January,
Get your suspension ready for the LL’s qualifiers and Offroad Enduros

Fork and Shock Rebuild

***Special Pricing till Feb 1 2019: $70.00 labor plus any needed parts***

This is the service everyone needs. This is a full take apart clean and inspection of all parts and wear surfaces. Suspension will be reassembled with new fluid and any parts that may be needed to keep your bike performing the way it should. Any suspension that was previously valved by us will get updated to our latest spec.

SKF Fork seals $30.00 per fork

Golden Spectro fork fluid $13.00 per quart

Golden Spectro Shock Fluid $15.00

SKF Complete Shock Seal Heads $60.00