Suspension Services

Fork and Shock Rebuild

***Special Pricing till Feb 1 2019: $70.00 labor plus any needed parts***

This is the service everyone needs. This is a full take apart clean and inspection of all parts and wear surfaces. Suspension will be reassembled with new fluid and any parts that may be needed to keep your bike performing the way it should.  Any suspension that was previously valved by us will get updated to our latest spec.

SKF Fork seals $30.00 per fork

Golden Spectro fork fluid $13.00 per quart

Golden Spectro Shock Fluid $15.00

SKF Complete Shock Seal Heads $60.00

 Re-valving (Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) (Shocks: KYB, SHOWA)
Labor $250.00 Fork, Labor $250.00 Shock
HDR re-valving allows you to get the maximum control and comfort from your suspension by tuning all components of the system to produce an effective and balanced change. We completely service your components as listed above in the rebuild description, only we reassemble your suspension with our exclusive re-valving technology specifically designed according to your weight, height, riding style, ability and terrain. Clickers are set at a starting point and a tuning guide, along with a specification sheet are included with the cost.
Comprehensive system level changes to the suspension system. Including mid-valve, base-valve, shims and rebound settings
This gets you maximum performance, and reduced compromise.
Springs, seals , bushings, oil are NOT included in price.


KTM PDS shock

Install THE MX-Tech CLP Re-valve for WP PDS SHOCKS

(Big bike and the 85-105) $450.00 Labor and includes the CLP kit
The MX-Tech CLP PDS re-valve is legendary for its reputation in transforming KTM WP PDS shocks into the best handling bikes on the track. Eliminating the typical issues surrounding the KTM and making it feel like a linkage system.
Braking bumps, whoops, and jumps will no longer be feared. Recently we added a new platform valve that increases low-speed compression, improving chassis stability and increasing square edge bump compliance. Our system is the best solution for the KTM, having outperformed all other solutions including the Ohlins TTX series shock.


$250.00-$500.00 Depending on Application
At MX-TECH we use Nylon spacers. This guarantees smooth action and performance with no long-term issues with wear. All MX-TECH lowering services are fully reversible. Commonly used for the vertically challenged, Supermoto, and DTX. While revalving is possible for bike lowering, we prefer not to lower and revalve suspension at the same time.
We recommend lowering and chassis adjustments separate from performance work, unless you’re getting your bike set-up for DTX or supermoto.
Complete rebuild.

DLC Fork shaft Coating.
DLC is the best fork coating available for your bike. It makes the fork surface very hard and reduces friction. This improves performance, and increases longevity. Especially good with SKF seals.

Turn Key Box
Box $15.00 + Shipping

We can ship our specially manufactured shipping carton to your door. So you can box up your suspension and send it to us. This makes the suspension service much more convenient. You will need to pay for the shipping and place a deposit with a credit card.